Music Heroes I: David Bowie (Part 4: In Berlin, by the wall)

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno first gained a certain amount of notoriety as the weirdest looking one in colourful art-glam pioneers Roxy Music.  It wasn’t so much that he looked weird, though he did, it was more the vision of him stood behind his odd-looking equipment, twiddling knobs and dialsContinue reading “Music Heroes I: David Bowie (Part 4: In Berlin, by the wall)”

A thin slice of reality

Amidst the wearying darkness lurked the dream drenched in dreams: a dream within a dream within a dream; a surrealist Russian doll of dreams.  Maybe there were even more layers swirling in the shadows, it was difficult to disentangle such a nebulous matrix, but at the core, if you focused all accessible energy on the centre,Continue reading “A thin slice of reality”